Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dinosaur DNA

I know, this is an old image. But I have been meaning to tweak it here and there but have been so absorbed in my fourth year thesis that I have been putting it off.
I put this together for an assignment in school, where we would design a page for the National Post and they would critique the image. After reading an article on genetic engineering and remembering my love for drawing dinosaurs, I decided to throw this recipe together. The article read that scientists are working on cloning dinosaur DNA, just like in  Jurrassic Park. They would hypothetically slice the dinosaur DNA with DNA from a large bird, such as an ostrich, and the ostrich would lay a dinosaur egg through invito fertilization.
Now, I did stumble across this article a while ago and science has developed quite a bit since then, but I hope for the love of a duck that this does not happen. Jurrassic Park did not exactly end well, and I am certain it will not end well if this does happen.

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