Friday, January 6, 2012

Take a Look!

Please allow me to toot my on horn for a moment (toot, toot!). The results are in and my submission to Blank Pages, for the Wonderful Wizard of Oz project, has been accepted and is now live on the website (page 15).

If you haven't looked into the project yet, why the heck not? There is plenty of room for more submissions. It's a book bigger than I thought!
I will admit I have never been very interested in ever reading the Wizard of Oz as a child, I was never interested in reading anything until my high school years in fact, but now I just love reading. The Wizard of Oz is full of surprises and I am really enjoying it!  Now I read roughly three books a month and have built myself a fair sized collection consisting of fiction, non-fiction, biographies, autobiographies, reference books, I've even started rebuilding my children's story books and picture book collection. Somehow, even the oxford dictionary made it onto my shelves. I'm not sure how that happened, seeing as I've never purchased a dictionary in my life! EVER. Maybe it grew legs and decided it wanted to snuggle between Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland, who knows.

As I continue to leaf through the story of Oz, I will also be keeping an eye open for any other prospective projects. Of course there are websites devoted to illustration contributions which are awesome (i.e. but here is another fun art project I literally just stumbled across that artists have been enjoying since 2008! Mail Me Art!
Mail Me Art has held two exhibitions, published two books, and has received over 1300 pieces of mail art during their 2008 and 2010 mailing events.
What is Mail Me Art? It is a London based project run by Darren Di Lieto ( All you have to do is grab a blank parcel, letter, or envelope and illustrate to your hearts content! No message required, the parcel or envelope does not have to have anything in it nor does your illustration require any special meaning. Just create for the sake of creating. Step two is to go postal and send your creation to the Little Chimp Society.

The next shipment of mail art is scheduled for 2012! So stay tuned or sign up for the LCS newsletter on the website. For more information, click any of the links above.

Happy drawing, Everybody!

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